Ensor Point LLC is a small investment and holding company. Our Founder is a seasoned professional from the corporate world that has also held a life long fascination with the entrepreneurial spirit. While thinking about what his eventual "retirement" might look like, our Founder decided to seek out minority stake investment opportunities in the entrepreneurial ventures that had caught his attention. The initial intent was simply to learn and gather real life insight but the experience of meeting and working with new individuals while watching their ideas come to life has been beyond rewarding and vastly expanded our initial scope.

our origins

our intent

It's about the people

Ensor Point LLC is an advocate for the American Dream. We support the free market and encourage everybody to actively participate.

Each person, idea and business is unique. We desire to be a conversation partner and an advocate for those brave enough to chase their dream. Our business model is one of support and a desire to learn. When we invest our primary request is for honest and consistent communication about the state of the project.

our approach

Private investment and Holdings